KzmAdvertise free applet

Alex Garbagnati

The KzmAdvertise free applet is a billboard that shows different banners using 22 kinds of transition effects. The sequence is controlled by a script file. All the images must reside in a separate directory.

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java applet parameters
<applet code="KzmAdvertise.class" align="baseline" width="400" height="50">
<param name="copyright" value="Alex 'Kazuma' Garbagnati,">
<param name="scriptfile" value="advertise.txt">
<param name="imagesdir" value="banners">
<param name="welcome" value="Welcome to Free-Applets">
You don't have java! Why don't you get: <a href="">Microsoft Explorer</a>

To use the KzmAdvertise free java applet, I

java applet parameters

scriptfile (Default script.txt)
The file containing the sequence. The format is:
Image is a valid image file (.gif or .jpg). Transition is one of the allowed effects. Click here to see every kind of possible transition. If the one inserted is wrong, the image is shown without transition (=NONE). Seconds is the time (in seconds) that the image must be shown in the screen. URL is the URL where the user must move when click on the image. FRAME is the target frame. Click here to see an example.
imagesdir (Default images)
The subdirectory name that contains the images.
welcome (Default Welcome to KzmAdvertise)
The message to be shown while loading applet.
This is the necessary copyright line. The java applet is free so please don't change it.

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