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Shop for unique products from local businesses of the Pacific Coast.
  Crabby Cafe
  Blue Heron Cheese
  Scentsy Candle Bars
  Seaside Glass
  Mystic Woods
  Oregon Coast Myrtlewood
  Zjon's Glassworks
  Wild Bird Shop
  Art's Canoes
  Phil's Saw Shop  
  The Boat Smith
Salmon Harbor Landing




Pacific101 is proud to be one of the largest and fastest growing west coast destination web sites.  Main Street 101 is designed to showcase the finest Pacific coast products.   Each merchant is verified by Pacific101 through the local Better Business Bureaus and through our own internal procedures for product quality and customer service.  In addition, all security certificates are verified, where applicable, to guarantee you the privacy you deserve.   Browse through our merchants products and find unique offerings that no mass marketer can create!  Select from list to the left or visit our home page.

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